For times when $%*!@ happens

I’m still working on building up my emergency fund, because guess what? I had emergencies that I had to pay for. Luckily, I had already begun saving in case an unexpected expense came up- hopefully you can avoid getting in a financial bind, too!


Here are some ridiculous things that have happened to me recently:

-I paid $75 to get my car emissions checked out in July (I had until the end of September to get it done). I sold my car in November. Apparently if your emissions inspection is over 90 days old when you sell a car you have to do it again. Doh! Paid $75 to get my emissions checked again in November…wah waah.
-I suddenly had a swollen, painful eye. Did you know you can have allergic reactions ON THE INSIDE OF YOUR EYELID?!? Eye doctor’s appointment without vision insurance: $70.
-The very first time I ever drove my (saintly) boyfriend’s (fancy) car…I might have had a little love tap with another car. Goodbye $600. Hello confirmation that my boyfriend is the most patient man in the world…(although I am no longer allowed to drive his car).
-I got a…

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