This blog is intended to be a guide for people entering into adulthood through their twenties. If you are past your twenties and you get something out of this blog, hooray! But I am not out of my twenties yet so I can’t advise you on the next stage of personal finance.

So, you are entering college. Or maybe you are working for a bit before college. Or maybe you are never going to college never ever never. Or maybe you are done with college and three master’s degrees and two PhD’s. You all have something in common: you use money.

That means this blog is for you. I want you to feel like a super savvy personal finance whiz. I want you to feel more clever than those poor schmucks who pay ATM fees. Mainly, I want you to feel like you are in control of your finances so that your money can help you live the awesome life that you want.


  1. Oy! I’m gonna follow this blog. I’m 27 and have been doing well with saving and living within my means, but since I started this new job in January, I felt like more has been flowing out than in.


    1. Great! I have to tell you, I thought that setting up a budget would be restricting, but instead it turned out to be incredibly freeing because I stopped worrying and I knew exactly where my money was and what I could afford!


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