Bills Schmills

Many of my new readers have not seen some of my older posts. Most of the older posts deal with the basics of getting set up with a personal finance plan- so here you go! Oldies but goodies, coming up!


I am sorry to tell you the terrible truth of adulthood: Remember all of those times that your parents griped about how you were an unappreciative teenager because they worked hard to put a roof over your head and you thought, “Well, duh, that is your job, you are a parent.”

Your parents were right. It is hard just to keep a roof over your head.

As an adult you get to do all sorts of fun things like drink beer and stay up late whenever you want and watch tv show marathons on Netflix for 8 hours straight and eat ice cream for breakfast. But you also have to pay bills. Which not only is a major bummer of adulthood but also makes mail as an adult way less fun.

Here are some bad things about bills:

-You have already used the water, cable, gas, phone…so it’s lame that…

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