An Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure

Within the first six months of going off of my parent’s dental insurance, I had my first TWO cavities. My dentist said I had 17 more pre-cavities (who has even heard of that?!)

I had never had a cavity before. I was horrified and also MAD because why did my teeth start rotting as soon as I started being responsible for my own teeth?*
I had to pay $300 to get my cavities filled.

Since then, no more cavities. That is because I floss my teeth EVERY SINGLE DAY. A year’s worth of floss costs me $18 (I know because I buy it at BJ’s). A cavity a year would cost me $150 plus I get massively rageful every time anyone uses novocain on me (they should list that as a side effect). So I save ca$h money, pain, rage, and I hopefully will have a full set of chompers when I am old.

$18 + 1 minute of flossing every day + longterm teeth ownership > $150 + pain + rage + gumming applesauce in the nursing home

Life lesson in this post: doing responsible adult things (flossing, sunscreen etc.) can be really annoying. But you know what? You will be incredibly thankful that you flossed when you don’t have to spend your hard earned ca$h on crappy things like cavities (or Botox. Wear that sunscreen!).

*Actually, the answer is that I had spent the previous year working on a fishing boat. To prevent seasickness, I ate starlight mints like it was going out of style. Never puked even once, but apparently I didn’t do my teeth any favors, either. Life lesson: buy sugar free starlight mints for seasickness. You’re welcome, fishermen and fisherwomen.



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