Free one-on-one financial coaching

So you’ve read my book but you’d still like someone to talk you through your finances. Lucky for you, I have a few resources up my sleeve for free places to go for one-on-one coaching where the coaches aren’t trying to sell you anything.

Note: you are smart. If anyone I recommend here pushes a product, do your own research to make sure it’s really a good idea. The people that work and volunteer should not be endorsing products, but in case they do, be smart about it.

  1. Check your bank. Some banks offer financial counseling as part of their services.
  2. Check your workplace. My office’s retirement funds are held with a firm that sends representatives to the office for free in-person chats once a year. If I want retirement advice from them outside of those hours, I have to pay for it.
  3. If you are in the military or a veteran, look for the personal finance education program. This is called different things depending on your branch, but military installations have a lot of resources.
  4. Check your state cooperative extension. I first started volunteering as a financial coach through the Virginia Cooperative Extension. Word on the street is that Iowa offers this service as well.
  5. The Bank-On program offers one-on-one resources but you also have to attend classes.
  6. United Way often supports local financial education programs, so try calling your regional United Way office to see what they have near you.

I hope this is helpful– and for you financial wizards out there, consider volunteering as a coach in your own community.


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