Free Personal Finance Curriculum

Many years before I wrote Twenties in Your Pocket (the book), I volunteered to teach classes at a young adult community center that supported the homeless and transitioning population of young adults in my area. I created a six class curriculum. After I published Twenties in Your Pocket (the book), I got feedback from some of my teacher friends that they would love to teach personal finance in their classes.

Well guess what I already had? A curriculum! I did some updating and here is the final result. Note that this class is best for 16-35 year olds. Some of the topics will be more useful once students are legal adults, but it’s good for all young adults or near-young-adults. I wrote the class for a room without computer support so the classes can all be taught with just a whiteboard.

Attached are notes and activities for each class. Please use and share as much as is useful. It’s helpful if you have read my book before teaching the classes, but it’s not necessary. As always, feel free to reach out to me at

Class 1, feelings about money

Class 2, Banking basics

Class 3, Budgets

Class 3, bean game

Class 4, credit

Class 5, Debt

Class 5, Debt game

Class 6, Credit Reports

Class 6, Sample Credit Report


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