Wedding lesson 3: Flowers

Lesson 3: Flowers

This was both a huge success and a huge failure. I ordered the world’s most affordable 10-bouquet packet from Sam’s Club. $101 for ten bouquets?!!?!? It was almost too good to be true. The flowers were delivered (one less trip for errands= win!) a few days before the wedding, and they were gorgeous-with plenty of flowers for seven people to have full bouquets. What I did wrong, however, was expect that they would come looking like the bouquets in the Sam’s Club website. They arrived like grocery store bouquets instead, so my poor mom and saintly bridesmaids ran to the craft store for ribbon and flower tape (another errand added on=fail) and my bridesmaids hand-crafted the bouquets. Sorry/thank you/ DIY means Do It YOURSELF but I didn’t……

I knew in advance I wasn’t about to make boutonnieres, so I found the cheapest price I could online, and then instead ordered them from a local florist who said they could match the price. Supporting the local guy made me feel a little better about ordering in bulk from the big box store for the bouquets.



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