Two savvy wedding planning tricks

The internet is FULL of tips for saving on the cost of a wedding, and this is not a wedding blog, so I will try to keep my posts on the topic to a minimum (even if I can’t, just remember this is only temporary!). Even though I am trying to limit the wedding chatter, there are a few things that I have done that I feel super savvy about, so I am going to share them anyway.

  • Negotiated with the photographer. So far the most confusing part of wedding planning is understanding the price ranges for things like photography. I have found prices between $500 and $4900 for the same deliverables- so the difference must be in the experience of the photographer (and theoretically the quality of the photos). My fiancé and I both agreed that photos are a budget priority- but can we get the same product if we spend $1000 vs $3000? We did a lot of research, looked at a lot of portfolios, and chose a mid-price photographer whose work we really liked. What was savvy about what we did (I think) is we looked at her packages and saw there were a lot of extras thrown in- things like engagement photos and money towards a photo album. We already have a ton of photos of the two of us together looking like we are in love-because we are!- so we didn’t feel like we needed engagement photos (plus we already ordered the save the dates). I also like to put together photo books on my own- they make great gifts, are easy to make and they aren’t expensive. So we asked if we could cut the price if we forgo engagement photos and the album credit and voila! $200 back in pocket!
  • Used “business marketing” postcards instead of “save the date” cards. I was looking at Vistaprint and saw that they had business marketing postcards (that you can customize and put photos on) at the price of 100 for $20. The save the date cards (virtually identical except you would need to buy a separate envelope to mail them in) are 10 for $4.86 (aka 100 for $48). That is over double the price for the same product! PLUS did you know that postage for a postcard is $.34 each, while postage for a letter (or a postcard put into an envelope that you also had to pay for) are $.49/letter? Buying 100 business marketing postcards and mailing them at the postcard rate will cost us $54 (well actually not quite that because I used a 50% off coupon I found on retailmenot but then decided to use 100% recycled paper, which cost a little more). But in THEORY it would have cost us $54, while if we had used the cards labeled as “save the date” cards, they would have been $97 plus the cost of envelopes! So I saved another $43.

$243 saved and all we did was get exactly what we wanted! Plus now we don’t have to stuff envelopes, hurrah!


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