It’s Textbook Buying Time!

It’s that time again! Good luck with the new school year!


It has come to my attention that it is that time of year again…textbook buying time.

Now for those of you who are out of school- you are lucky. You never have to go through the trauma and massive money-suck that is buying textbooks.

Buying textbooks is stressful and risky. This is because:

  • You probably aren’t certain of which classes you are taking. If you buy your books too early, you might drop the class and be stuck with the book. Too late, and you are behind in your readings!
  •  Some professors (if you are a professor and you do this, STOP IT) don’t really assign reading for their classes. They make you buy a book and then they don’t ever once reference the reading in class and you suspect they never actually read it themselves. Some professors make you buy whole books and then only assign a chapter or…

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