Getting started

I am a 28-year old who used to feel:

  1. bewildered
  2. guilty
  3. insecure and
  4. not interested

about personal finance. I didn’t have much money, I wasn’t sure how to use the money I had, and I wasn’t interested in reading a boring book about investing when I didn’t have any money to invest, anyway.

My parents set great examples when it came to spending and avoiding debt, but when it came to practical advice and long term planning, I didn’t know what I was doing. My eyes glazed over every time I thought of whatever the heck a 401k is, and I didn’t have much motivation to change it up.

All of that changed when my brilliant and successful friend Becky introduced me to personal finance. When I started taking control of my finances, I began to feel:

  1. smart
  2. capable
  3. interested
  4. proud

of my money managing skills. Do I have more money? Not really. Do I feel a heck of a lot better about the money that I do have and my long term plans for the day that I will have money? Yep.

This blog is about personal finance, yes, but it is also about changing your feelings about money. I want you to have good, happy, proud feelings associated with money instead of guilty, worried and confused feelings about money. It doesn’t mean you will have more money, but it means that your attitude will change, and going into your money making years with a good attitude towards money may mean that you can eventually buy a Caribbean island to retire on (if that happens, please remember where your success all started and build me a guesthouse in the back).



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